Lern- und Kommunikationszentrum

The LuK is located in the main building (A) and consists of various individual rooms of which the large lounge, the multi-purpose room and the café can be booked / reserved for events (see sidebar).

The lounge

The lounge is perfect for larger events such as parties, game nights, etc..
For this purpose, a bar and event technology such as lighting systems, beamers or micros are available, which can be booked.

During unused periods, the lounge is available to students as a study room, which is why it can only be rented during the lecture period.

The multipurpose rooms

There is the small and the large multipurpose room, which can be connected if necessary. There is no event technology in these rooms. Are also used outside the exam period with pleasure as a study room.

The kitchen

The kitchen is usually booked together with the café, but can also be used alone. It is equipped with all the necessary equipment. Just ask if you can warm up your food in the microwave or bake your pizza.
But remember that you have to clean up your mess on your own. The responsibility lies with the permanent residents, but of course they don't want to clean up after everyone. Therefore, you are also allowed to refuse the use of the kitchen to outsiders.

The café

The café is the space for smaller events. Equipped with comfortable seating and a bar, the café offers many opportunities for various AGs and other student groups. During the week the Sofa AG invites you to the "Sofa Café", in the evenings regular events of FSRs or AGs take place. Just drop by.

The football table room

Here, as the name suggests, you can find two football tables. But what the name doesn't tell you, there is also a keyboard that can be used for practicing.

The workshop

If you are short of space for handicrafts, you can use the workshop.

The parent learning room

This room was created especially for students with children. Especially during the exam period, the problem is often that a babysitter is missing and you can not study at home in the group. This room offers a short-term solution.
In addition to a glass partition, behind which the child/children can play and the parents can continue to see, it also contains a kitchenette for preparing or heating food. A changing mat is located (unfortunately only) in the ladies' room.

The learning rooms

On the second floor are the learning rooms, also called aquariums because of the glass walls. These rooms are generally open and can be used at any time for learning alone or in small groups.

Updated: April 4, 2024