Here you will find from time to time postings for taking over tasks or accompanying projects.

Project manager

band rehearsal room

Oct. 1, 2022
Englisch (fortgeschritten) Deutsch (fortgeschitten)

There is a band rehearsal room at TUHH that can be used by small groups or individuals to practice. To run and manage this room, the AStA is looking for a person as project officer. The tasks are: 1. Create a time table for the students or student groups who would like to use the band room. 2. Take care of the infrastructure of the band room and maintain the equipments used and request for replacement if needed. 3. Clean the band room time to time and make sure everyone who uses it leaves everything in place and clean after their time is over.

Interpreters needed !

Nov. 14, 2022
Deutsch (verhandlungssicher) Englisch (verhandlungssicher) Hilfsbereitschaft
compensation 25€ per unit of work

For the new term 22/23, the AStA is looking for student interpreters who will help students who cannot speak german at the authorities with their burocratic issues and miscellaneous. Your tasks are: 1. Be personally present with the student for their appointments. 2. Be an intermediate between people who cannot speak german and/or english to overcome the language barriers Requirements: 1. You are a TU Student 2. You have solid speaking skills for English and German With this voluntary work you can polish your CV with highly regarded skills. You get an allowance as well each time you help someone.

Party Awarness Training

Aug. 3, 2022
Deutsch (verhandlungssicher) bekannt mit FSRen vertrautheit mit Awarenessarbeit

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