Here you will find from time to time postings for taking over tasks or accompanying projects.

Project manager

Photographer Pool

Compensation 30€ per unit of work

The AStA organizes smaller and larger events throughout the year. In order to record these events for us and our guests, we are now looking for capable photographers. Examples would be the Erstieparty and the AStA Ball.

Field of activity:

  • Take photos at events
  • Sort out photos after the event
  • Correct photos with image editing programs
  • Upload photos to the cloud


  • Experience in taking photos
  • Own photo equipment
  • Stamina and energy for large crowds
  • Ability to deliver photos quickly


  • Expense allowance of up to 30€ per person and assignment
  • Catering for larger events
  • Free admission

Information for application to the PB Pool:

You apply for a PB Pool quite simply by mail. If you like, you can add a few photos of yourself to your application. Afterwards you will be invited to an AStA meeting and you will be voted on.

In case of a vote, the Department for Culture and Events will write to all PB Pool people and you can then decide if the date suits you.

The AStA is not responsible for any equipment you bring with you.


Compensation 25€ per unit of work

For the new term 22/23, the AStA is looking for student interpreters who will help students who cannot speak german at the authorities with their burocratic issues and miscellaneous.

Your tasks are:

1. Be personally present with the student for their appointments.

2. Be an intermediate between people who cannot speak german and/or english to overcome the language barriers


1. You are a TU Student

2. You have solid speaking skills for English and German

With this voluntary work you can polish your CV with highly regarded skills. You get an allowance as well each time you help someone.

AStA kitchen and café

Maintenance of the Sofa Cafe (also known to some as the AStA Cafe or Cafe Brandlast) and the kitchen. Organizing large cleaning events (about once a semester). Purchase of dishwasher tabs, trash bags, cleaning utensils, dishwashing detergent, aux cables, ...

band rehearsal room

There is a band rehearsal room at TUHH that can be used by small groups or individuals to practice. To run and manage this room, the AStA is looking for a person as project officer.

The tasks are:

1. Create a time table for the students or student groups who would like to use the band room.

2. Take care of the infrastructure of the band room and maintain the equipments used and request for replacement if needed.

3. Clean the band room time to time and make sure everyone who uses it leaves everything in place and clean after their time is over.

Call for project managers Cultural Newsletter

Compensation 50€ per month

The cultural newsletter is published monthly, in which recommendations for cultural events and institutions are to be published. The AStA is looking for a project officer for this.

For the new summer semester '24, the AStA is looking for a project officer who will be responsible for the cultural newsletter and take care of it.

The tasks are

- Researching cultural offers with a focus on Harburg

- Networking with cultural institutions in Hamburg

- Evaluation and recommendation of cultural offers for the student body

- Reflection and integration of feedback


1. you are studying at the TU.

2. you have solid language skills in English and German

3. you are culturally connected in Hamburg, interested and would like to share your experience and knowledge with the rest of the TU.

Send your application to


Compensation 49€ pro Semester

TV-Stud is a grassroots trade union movement for a collective agreement and co-determination for student employees. In 2023, a study caused a sensation in which the working conditions of students were compared and evaluated nationwide - the result: catastrophic. Students work in a very one-sided power imbalance with extremely short-term contracts, poor salaries, no co-determination rights and often insufficient information about vacation and sick days.

TV-Stud is fighting against these conditions
In various strikes, together with Ver.di, it was recently achieved that, among other things, student wages were increased to €13.25. This year, concepts are to be developed on how staff councils for students can be formed and how they should work.

If you would like to experience at first hand how trade union work works and if you are motivated to stand up for all students in Hamburg - then please contact the Social Affairs Department with your application (simply by email):

I am looking for a person to actively connect the TV-Stud Central Office at the University of Hamburg with the TUHH.

Your tasks:

  • Participation in the weekly meetings of TV-Stud - where you can contribute the TUHH's point of view
  • Dissemination of information at the TUHH (events, stands, flyers, etc.)

Further information:

  • Any expenses (printing, etc.) can be settled via the budget of the AStA department
  • Study:
  • TV-Stud website: