HVV SemesterTicket

S-Bahn fährt durch Haltestelle

Thanks to a part of your semester fee, we, together with the student councils of the other Hamburg universities negotiate a price with the Hamburg Verkehrsverbund . This allows us as students to unlimited travel in the rings A-E of the HVV.

A large part of your semester fee is used to purchase the semester ticket. In recent years, the HVV has repeatedly increased the prices, which leads to an increase in the semester fee. More detailed information about how much of the fee goes to the HVV can be found in the fee regulations of the student body.

Deutschlandticket upgrade

With an additional payment of €18.20, you can also purchase the "Deutschlandticket" as a monthly subscription. This ticket is valid nationwide and allows you to use (regional) public transportation throughout Germany. The subscription can be cancelled monthly and can be ordered until the 5th day of a month. The ticket is renewed automatically every month; the price is then debited directly from your account. If you do not want to use the ticket in the following month, you must cancel it by the 10th of the month. We didn't come up with this very unconventional payment model; it's a compromise between the transport associations, the federal government and the states.

The upgrade is only available digitally, i.e. on your smartphone and not as a paper or chip card. You can then either save the link to your digital ticket as a favorite in your browser or home screen or store it in a pre-installed wallet application (e.g. iOS, Google, or Samsung wallet). A printout/scan or other analog copies/proof of the upgrade will probably not be accepted by the control authorities.

Unfortunately, there is currently no discounted Deutschlandticket for students in Hamburg, as is the case in other German states, for example. Nevertheless, we as AStA continue to advocate that students can also benefit from a discount.

Problems with payment processing

Currently, HVV only accepts SEPA direct debit mandates. In the future, PayPal and credit card payments will also be possible, but the exact timing is unclear. When creating a direct debit mandate, the payment service provider Logpay performs a credit check on behalf of HVV to assess the risk of non-payment.
If you suspect you have been affected by a rejection, complain directly to HVV.


Under certain circumstances, such as health, local, spatial or social reasons, you can reclaim the contribution for the semester ticket. Strict deadlines must be adhered to. You can find more information on the website of the Studierendenwerk.

Updated: May 11, 2023