"You can usually do a lot more than you generally give yourself credit for." (Aenne Burda)

We understand that especially the students who have joined us in the last two years may not yet have a clue why the AStA and the student councils are so important. Maybe you are just used to everything being done by others. However, that's not how it works at a university. You have to take care of everything yourself. And in the student SELF administration you must also engage yourselves SELF, so that it runs.

The AStA takes care of the HVV ticket, legal protection insurance, the KulturFreikarte, learning spaces, newsletters, student recruitment, AGs, equality, anti-racism, sustainability, regular exchange with the TU presidium and administration, examination matters, health, networking, Campus Shop, improving teaching, social affairs, events, international students, learning and communication center, and and and..... All things that benefit all students. There's sure to be something YOU can do, too.