As representatives of the TUHH student body, we would like to take a stand on the current waves of protest on the streets of Germany and say quite clearly: We say NO to right-wing extremism!

By now, some of us will have heard about the "secret meeting" of right-wing extremists, AfD members and members of the Werteunion and also about the plan discussed there to expel millions of migrants from Germany. To "remigrate", as they call it. In addition to the fact that these plans are not compatible with our constitution, the consequences for our society and economy would also be massive.

The TUHH as an international and cosmopolitan university and we as a culturally diverse student body should support these protests and join them. If the xenophobic plans of right-wing and neo-Nazi politicians are realised, international students and teaching staff will hardly feel welcome here and will stay away from our university as a result. We are in favour of our internationally diverse teaching, research and student body and want to show this openly. Right-wing extremism and xenophobia have no place on our campus!!!

We are therefore delighted that so many people took part in last Friday's demonstration on Jungfernstieg and Rathausplatz. There were so many people that the demonstration had to be stopped. We call on you to actively participate in such demonstrations and discussions in your neighbourhood!

Your AStA and Students' Parliament