You need a little study break? You want to think about something else for 5 minutes? You would like to forget the numbers and formulas for a few minutes?
Then think of nice names for the study rooms in Q!

There is a tradition of naming student learning spaces. Most recently, three learning spaces in B were named after
women in the tech world. Three others have been given so-called fun names.
When the rooms in Q on the first floor were handed over to us as learning rooms, they already had names. However, there seems to be no system behind it, no one really has a reference to it.

That's why we are launching a poll among you and collecting your suggestions for names for the 19 learning spaces in Q. Should they also be given fun names? Or should they be named after famous people? What do you have a connection to? Or what should these learning spaces be related to? Give us your ideas! hier

The poll will run until the beginning of October. Then you can vote on the naming at the Assembly.