At the Assembly, students were able to vote on new names for the learning spaces in Q. There were several categories to choose from. In total, 19 rooms were to be renamed.

Over the course of several weeks, students were able to send in suggestions for names for the learning spaces in Q. The suggestions were collected and grouped into different categories. There was the people category with name suggestions e.g. of famous scientists. In the geographic category, the names of capitals or special places in Hamburg were suggested. Even the Greek alphabet was among the suggestions.

However, the students were most interested in the category of fun names. Here, in turn, the subcategories "Simple Places" with room names such as 'Cabin', 'Kabuff' or 'Bower', "Scientific Spaces" such as 'Subvector Space' or 'Affine Space', "Real Spaces" such as 'Vortex Chamber', 'Cavity' and 'Enclosure' and "Fabric Spaces" such as 'Wood Space', 'Carbon Space' or 'Steel Space' were available for selection.

But the winner was the subcategory "Miscellaneous" with the names:

Appartment 4A, Yodas Hütte, Raum 9 3/4, Cyrons B unker, Meerjungfraumann-Raum, Knechtsaal, Erfahrungsraum, Raum der Wünsche, Bierdose, Raum der Verzweiflung, Arbeitszimmer, Handwerkskammer, Freischnittraum, Spanraum, der unbenannte Raum, Bankster-RAum, Scheusaal, Schicksaal und FreiRaum.

We wish all students fun and happy learning in the now so named learning spaces in Q.