Three learning rooms in Building B were named after women in technology.

Did you know that women used to be denied the right to study technology because it was thought that they could not think logically or three-dimensionally? For a long time, women were not taken seriously in the academic world, because they were not trusted with many things.

The three learning rooms on the second floor of Building B are named after women who have a unique selling point in the technical-academic world.

There is Mrs. Elsbeth Steinheil, she lived from 1893 to 1955. She was the first woman to obtain a diploma in mechanical engineering in Germany, in 1917.

Mrs. Elisabeth von Knobelsdorff (1877 to 1959) was the first woman ever to earn a diploma from a technical university in Germany. She graduated in architecture in 1911. In addition, in 1912 she became the first woman to become a member of the Berlin Association of Architects and Engineers, and in 1921 she was the first woman in Germany to become a government architect and thus hold a high civil service post.

Last but not least, the Wein-Wilke room was named after Verena Wein-Wilke, the first woman to graduate from the TUHH, also in architecture.

We have hung information about the women in each room so that you can read about them. We felt that in a still male-dominated tech world, it's important to also name women who have done a lot in this field
and paved the way for women after them. After all, women also had to fight hard to find their way into universities.