February marks the start of the next exam period and study rooms are once again a sought-after commodity. Since there have unfortunately been repeated problems with external persons on campus and in the buildings recently, the student study rooms in B and Q, as well as seminar rooms, may only be occupied with a booking.

Approx. 1 week before the start, the booking form for the study rooms will be activated again here on our site. Unfortunately, we can't do it earlier, because we have to wait until the planning of the exams is finished.

Please also note:

  • Tables and chairs are not allowed to leave the rooms! If chairs are missing and we have to buy new ones, we have to do that from your semester fees, and the money might be missing for really important projects.
  • Please leave the partitions in the rooms in building B, as there should always be room for two groups to study.
  • For open rooms in A, please refrain from "reserving" them. If a room is empty, it can be used by students for studying, no matter what is lying around. Lost and found items can be turned in to the doorman.

As always, if you have any problems, please contact
at raumanfrage@asta.tuhh.de or drop by our office.