Get through the exam period well!


The exam period has begun, the first run on the study rooms is through. Everyone is now under stress and pressure. Nevertheless, you should take care of yourselves.

During the exam period, everyone only has the exams on their mind. Again and again, the AStA is asked why you can "only" book morning or afternoon. Apart from the fact that you can accommodate twice as many groups with two shifts, one shift is 7 hours long. 7 hours of concentrated learning in a group is quite a challenge. If you can pull it off, you've already won a lot. If that's not enough, you can continue learning at home or join up with another group for the second shift.

But beware: you can also learn too much, and if you don't take care of yourself, you will also harm yourself.

So please always make sure that you take regular breaks and air out. Also go out into the fresh air. Eat regularly and don't forget to drink. And sleep is also important. Treat yourself to some relaxation before you go to bed. Something that is good for you. Be it a movie, a book or a chat with friends. If you give your day a regular rhythm, you have the best chance that neither your body nor your mind will slacken and that you will get through this stressful time well. And if you don't pass all your exams on the first try, don't sweat it. People are needed at work, not robots.

However you choose to spend this time, the AStA wishes you all the best!

Updated: Feb. 8, 2023