On April 19, from 11:00 to 15:00, the AG Presentation Day will take place in Building H. Get to know the different AGs live and in color! More info in the article.

The AStA has around 50 working groups. Within these AGs, students have come together to pursue a common interest. The topics are very diverse and can be roughly divided into the categories of sports, technology and culture. The AStA supports its AGs financially as well as booking rooms and providing advice.

An overview of all AGs can be found here. You want to found an AG yourself? You can find more information here.

The following AGs are expected to participate in AG Day:

  • Chess AG
  • Pen and Paper Roleplay AG
  • Bobby-CarING
  • KiteING AG
  • Engineers without border
  • Jugger AG
  • Amateur Radio AG
  • Campus Tropfen
  • Theater AG
  • RuderING
  • ESN Hamburg
  • BoulderIng
  • Indian Students Association
  • Medieval sword and
    show fight AG
  • DuckING