Student Clubs and Associsations

AGs are usually groups of students who have similar interests or a cultural background. AGs are open to all students of the TUHH.
If one has piqued your interest, just write to them and find out how you can join or be part of it.

If you have plans with some student friends that are not yet pictured here, why not start a group yourself?

Name Description Contact
Advanced Cocktail Engineering AG We love to drink cocktails, yet we can‘t mix them. That‘s the reason we‘re building devices, which make them automaticly with high precision for us. Email
African Student Organisation Support for African students at the TUHH for the better Entrance into the study and during the course of the study, Integration in Hamburg and the presentation of African Culture" Email
AkaModell Hamburg AG The Akademische Modellfliegergruppe Hamburg is for all radio controlled aircraft enthusiasts and those who want to become one. In our weekly meetings we design, build and fly everything from sailplanes to quadcopters. Email
Amateurfunk AG No net? WLAN broken? HAM's simply build their own communications devices and can connect over hundreds of kilometres! To be allowed to transmit, you only need a license. We can help you with this achievement. Email
BikeDock AG Bikedock is the meeting point for all bike friends at the TU! Here you can work on your bike with or without help in a fully equipped workshop and go on tours together with other bike enthusiasts. Email
Blue Engineering AG We would like that engineers reflect on social and ecological responsibility as part of their daily routine. We organize events concerning the ethical dimension of engineering. TUHH currently offers a seminar on Blue Engineering as part of the non- technical courses. Email
Calisthenics AG If you want to master your body control toghether with training partners you have come to the right place. We train calisthenics in public parks and exchange trainings tips. Our goal is to make calisthenics known in Hamburg as well. Email
Campus Tropfen AG The AG Campus Tropfen will focus on the production of wine from various raw products. Another part will be the cultural and social enrichment of wine. Email
DivING AG Moin, we are the DivING AG. All diving enthusiasts are welcome here. We want to connect certified divers from the university so that we can go diving together in Hamburg and the surrounding region. For example, we go on day trips to beautiful diving spots and are there to support you in various matters such as equipment rental, exchanging experiences, supporting newcomers with experienced divers or simply having fun together while diving. Email
e-gnition Hamburg AG Each year we are developing our very own electrical race car to parti- cipate in the international „Formula Student“ competition. Our team consists of around 70 students from all kinds of study programs. Email
ESN Hamburg-Harburg AG The Erasmus Student Network Hamburg takes care of everything concerning your Exchange Semester at TUHH and in Hamburg. Email
FoodsharING AG The Foodsharing AG is reducing the food waste on the campus. We want to inform students and employees of the TUHH about the move- ment foodsharing, save food on the campus and invite you to cozy cooking events where we use the saved food and tell you more about the possibilities of reducing food waste. Email
Google Developer Student Club DSC's are university-based communities for students with a passion for information technology. We bridge the gap between theory and practice in a peer-to-peer learning environment. Students from all academic back-grounds are welcome. Email
Hamburger Haie eSport AG The eSports AG wants to bring students together who are interested in eSports. You are welcome, no matter if you want to play competitive or if you are just looking for some fellow students to play some casual games. Primarily we are playing those games that are also played in the German University League: League of Legends, CS:GO, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Rocket League and Rainbow Six. However, we are open to every game, for which there is interest! Email
HOLA AG HOLA AG is a place-to-go for all Latin American students at TUHH - doesn’t matter if you’re here for one semester or your whole studies. Together, we organise activities that allows us to connect, to support each other, and to celebrate the cultural diversity of our region. Email
HULKs AG Become a HULK and go with us to international world championships in robot soccer, you are on fire to reach in the quarter finals and you want to use your learned knowledge in a large project? If you are in- terested in control theory, software engineering or project- & financial planning - join the team and help to achieve greater things! Email
IAESTE AG We get you technical, scientific and professional internships in 90 countries of the world - free of charge! Our internships are free of charge and supported by grants from the DAAD. By joining us you can grow your international network, build your professional and soft skills and become a true global citizen. Email
Ideenschmiede AG The Ideenschmiede offers opportunities to network outside of the curriculum and learn from the experiences of others in the field of innovation & entrepreneurship. In this way, we deal with important questions regarding personal development and later career choices. We learn to solve real problems with practical methods. We think entrepreneurially and thus consider our own ideas in the light of a potential business start-up. Email
IEEE AG You study electrical engineering or computer science and like to meet fellow students? We organize activities on campus, visit companies and participate in international IEEE events. Email
Imker AG We, the Imker (Beekeeper) AG, take care of the Bees on our Campus. With us, you can get a taste of the fascinating world of these insects and the honey they produce. Email
Indian Student Association Indian Student Association TUHH has come a long way from the early days and has taken up more responsibilities not only to serve the Indian students better, but also to spread an awareness about India and its culture to the International community at TUHH. Email
Ingenieure ohne Grenzen (AG The goal of Engineers without Borders, a non-profit organisation, is to improve living conditions of suffering people. Projects in the sector of water and power supply, sanitation and bridge building are realized all over the world. Email
Ingenieure ohne Grenzen AG Its engineering but without borders. Email
Interkulturelle Hochschul- AG The IHAG is dedicated to promote intercultural understanding in the university and to build bridges between students from different back- grounds. As the representative of all cultural groups we stand for a peaceful coexistence on campus. Email
Jugger AG Jugger is a team sport. It‘s like rugby with sword fight. You need only sports wear to participate. Email
Kicker AG We meet regularly in the table soccer room in building A, where we spin the rods athletically until they glow. From beginner to Bachelor of Table Soccer, every skill level is present and welcome to join. Besides casual games, we organize training sessions as well as tournaments, where having fun is the prority. Email
Kino AG On each Tuesday during the semester the "Kino AG" organizes a Movie evening. Classic as well as modern films are shown, always at a students price. Email
KiteING AG Kiting: Sun, beach and sea - We want to go to the spot together with other TU students and shred! No matter if you are still practicing your waterstart, training your first backrolls or already pulling one mega loop after the other, all skill levels are welcome, so join us! Trips f.ex. to Denmark in planning ;-) Email
Korb AG The Korb-AG, orders once a month (nonperishable) organic groceries from the wholesaler Bode Naturkost. Our benefit is the lower price compared to retail since we order products in a large scale. A website is used for our order and everyone is welcome to take on any tasks. Email
LimitING Plastich AG "It's our plastic waste in the oceans?! Nonsense!" We want to show that and above all how exactly this happens, how plastic debris affects the sea and by that our health and educate in workshops about alternatives of plastic in everyday life. Email
Magic the Gathering AG At MTG AG we play the decade-old card game "Magic: The Gathering" in a relaxed atmosphere among like-minded people, mostly in the formats Commander & Pauper. We are open for newcomers and can offer decks to introduce interested people to the game. Email
Mittelalterliche Schwert- und Schaukampf AG In the Swordfighting workshop we learn the basics of medieval fighting with a focus on the longsword. We use diffent kind of weapons, from soft trainingweapons to steel swords, depending on the experience of the wielder. Email
Pakistan Student Association PSA-TUHH is a group for all: past, present and future Pakistani as well as other international students in Hamburg. The main aim is to work together as a united community for mutual benefit, to keep the rich culture and heritage alive, and to fill in the gaps for students who are far away from their home-land!" Email
PhotographING AG Whether landscape panorama, studio portrait or image editing - we want to discover together what makes a photo special. We photograph together and give each other suggestions for improvement in a relaxed atmosphere. Each meeting has a specific photography theme, to which everyone can contribute their previous experience. Email
Precious Plastic AG We build open source plastic recycling machines such as shredder, extruder or compression-machines.Anyone who wants to engage in sustainability or wants to support an interesting practical project working on the global problem of plastic waste, should contact us. Email
Queer AG Everyone, who is interested in LGBTIQ*-Topics, wants to join in or just meet new people is welcome to swing by. Our get-togethers are open to everyone and take place once a month. On our facebookpage you will find the latest dates and events. Email
RuderING AG Need a change from the daily uni routine? Come to the RuderING (rowing) club! Live it up on the Elbe, work out, and relieve your brain! Email
Sailing AG The sailing club grants the TUHH students the possibility to sail on the Außenalster in Hamburg. For that the department of Naval Architecture provides a historic sailingboat made out of wood from 1954. More than that the needed repair and refit measures are also carried out by the TU students. The sailing boat will be ready for spontaneous sailing trips on the Außenalster starting in the beginning of April until the end of October. Email
SingING AG Engineers are musical talents! Since 2007, SingING stands for singing enthusiasm at the TUHH. We sing anything from pop and modern songs to gospel and jazz. Email
Sofa AG The Sofa-Café people run and shape a space in the eastern wing of building A with the intent of providing a hideaway and step down space from your daily university routine by being free from pressure to per- form or consume, embracing you with the needed distraction. Email
Student Association Bangladesh The Student Association Bangladesch cares for her Freshers and offers a cultural discours on the campus. Email
Technik ohne Grenzen AG This group is working on the project "Water for Eritrea" which includes the design and acquisition in Germany, as well as the implementation of the dam construction on-site. Email
Theater AG We at the Acting Group „Theater-AG“ play anything that comes to mind, as long as it's fun, from self-written plays to Shakespeare classics. We meet every Wednesday to have fun together, do some improvisation and – of course – to piece together a new stage perfor- mance to play. So join us and meet a lot of new people and have fun! Email
ThinkTank AG How should be the world in 10, 100 years? And how do we get there? From fantasizing through elaborating to draft law, art projects and/or technical concepts. Email
Topf AG Several times a week the TOPF organizes a vegan and sociable alternative to the mensa: each weekday a group of students cooks together to create a delicious menu. Around 1 o'clock the food is served and a crowd of hungry students gathers in the Sofa-Café for a shared meal and afternoon break. Email
Tretboot AG The "Tretboot AG" compets in International Waterbike Regattas in Europe with the performance waterbikes we built over the years. We regulary meet for training purposes and develop new concepts to keep the competiton intresting. Email
Wassersport AG We are the water sports team. Our aim is to have fun in, on or under water. Our regular activity is playing canoe polo once a week, but we are also open to other sports. So get in touch if you want to join us or start something new. Email