Department for Public Affairs

Representative for Public Relations

Amodini Pathare

My name is Amodini Pathare. Currently pursuing my Master's in Microelectronics and Microsystems. During my childhood, I was introduced to painting as a means to express my feelings and showcase my creativity. And that's the same thing that attracted me towards the Public Relations post. And Similarly, the vocabulary I have gained reading books helps me better connect with people around me. I believe through AStA's social media posts I can convey the right information to the right people.
If you want to convey your thoughts about the AStA Newsletter and Social Media posts, feel free to reach me via mail or during my consultation hours.

Amodini Photo


I take care of all the AStA's public relations. In addition to networking the AStA externally, I mainly look after the relationship with the students.

I collect topics and events that are of interest to you and prepare them for the media. Along with our various social media channels, I also run the weekly AStA newsletter.