Department for IT

IT guy

Felix Schlösser / TinTin

I've been studying Computer Science for too many years and have been doing things here at AStA for almost as long. After going through HoPo, I'm now focusing on sprucing up the IT in AStA a bit. Otherwise, I like to ride my bike and take the train. Right now I am doing an ERASMUS in France. Luckily I ended up here in a Belgian beer, instead of a wine region. Ui ui I also like fromage.

TinTin mit Fahrrad


  • the development of this homepage as well as some internal administration applications like:
  • regular maintenance and updating of the above systems
  • Administration of the communication platform Mattermost for the student self-administration
  • Support of AStA members and employees with IT problems.
  • Be the contact person for the TU Rechenzentrum
  • Requesting services of the computer center (e.g. Wordpress instances, function accounts) for other student groups (FSRe, AGs, etc.)
  • Data protection officer for student self-administration