First chairwomen

Miora Gerull

Hello everyone :)
My name is Miora and I study Mechanical Engineering.
I have been the first chairperson of the AStA since October 2022. I look forward to hearing your concerns and improving studying and student life at TU Hamburg.

Miora Portrait


Second chairwomen

Esra Mohamed

Hello everyone,

I am committed to ensuring that our concerns are heard and implemented. If you have any ideas or suggestions, I would be happy to help you!


Vincent Heins


I take care of the AStA's money. Nothing more to say.

If you have any questions about the AStA's finances or financial applications, for example for AGs, then feel free to contact me.

See you!



The board represents the AStA of the TUHH and thus the students of TUHH. Furthermore, it is the task of the board to coordinate the AStA, to support and network representatives and to take over important tasks that cannot be assigned to a department.

The treasurer is in charge of the AStA's finances and is responsible for the spending and cash management.