As if your studies are not stressful enough, coming into contact with the immigration authorities is currently a problem. Appointments are being made, but unfortunately only on a limited basis.

Unfortunately, there is no concrete statement from the immigration authorities on how they intend to deal with this.
However, it is recommended to proceed as follows while dealing with an expired/expiring visa, in order to prevent further problems:

  • Write an e-mail to the Immigration Authority at least 3 months before your visa expires. Use the “read receipt” function of your TUHH e-mail and save both the e-mail sent and the confirmation that the e-mail has been read separately outside your e-mail account. So as to be on the safe side if you need to prove that you did the necessary.
  • Print out your appointment confirmation if you have received it, and carry that with you in case you are checked by authorities or the police. This way you can prove that you have made an effort to extend your residence permit.

If you currently still have a visa and have not yet been able to apply for an extension, the visa is still valid, even if it has already expired. It is valid until you have the appointment at the Immigration’s Office.

If you have any questions or difficulties, the Counseling Center Social Affairs & International Affairs – BeSI of the Studierendenwerk Hamburg will be happy to assist you: