A mobile vaccination team will be available in Building A on some of the upcoming Sundays. Comprehensive advice on vaccination will also be provided upon request.

In the next few months, on a few Sundays, people who want to be vaccinated will have the opportunity to pick up their boosters or initial vaccinations in the LuK Lounge. The dates are in October the 09., 23. and 30.10. In November it is the 06., 13. and 27.11. Always from 10.00 a.m. to 04.00 p.m.

You can register at https://form.ecocare.center/?locationId=46

All 6 possible vaccines are offered. About the vaccination intervals:

Between 1st to 2nd vaccination
- 21-42 days = 3-6 weeks
Moderna - 28-42 days = 4-6 weeks
NovaVax - 21- 42 days = 3-6 weeks
Jansen - 28 - 42 days = 4-6 weeks
Ideal interval between 2 vaccination dates would be 4 weeks, then all 2nd vaccinations can be given
(Regardless of first vaccine).

Between 2nd to 3rd vaccination
At least 3 months

Between 3rd and 4th vaccination
months for over 70s and immunocompromised persons.
6 months for all others - should be observed.