The "Painting Aquariums" project, which has been running for some time, reached a climax today at the Assembly when the design proposals submitted so far were voted on. The first prize was voted by a large margin over the other pictures.

Among other things, a vote was also held at today's General Assembly in which those present evaluated the proposals submitted so far for the design of the learning spaces in Building A, which are known as "Aquariums". The winner by a large margin was the picture "Engineering Dream Land", a joint work by Jenny Nguyen, Janina Nguyen and Marcel Grafmann. The first prize was endowed with 100,- €.

The second prize went to Beyza Günsür for her design proposal for the Einstein Room. She received 50,- €. The third prize, also 50,- €, goes to Samuel Philipp for his ray picture.

Soon, all the artists will begin to implement their proposals. This means that about half of the rooms will be redesigned first. We ask all students for their understanding that some rooms will be closed during the redesign. All rooms will be open again by the exam period at the latest.

Even if no more prizes are awarded now, proposals can still be submitted. These can then be implemented in the summer semester. We hope that the second half of the rooms will then be painted. Please also read our previous article ( on the topic of "Painting aquariums", where you can find the conditions, among other things.