In an open letter to Hamburg's politicians, the student bodies of the six state universities in Hamburg jointly demand more funding for public transport.

We, the student councils of Hamburg's six state universities and colleges with a total of more than 70,000 students, criticize Hamburg's transport policy: the network expansion of the HVV is being borne on the shoulders of the economically weak through excessive price increases.

In addition to this, politics is creepily reducing cost coverage. Charlotte Heße from the AStA of the University of Music and Theatre: "In 2012, the HVV still received a third of its costs from public funds, in 2019 this share was cut to 26%."

Karim Kuropka, first chair of the AStA of the University of Hamburg: "Public transport must remain public. Particularly also with regard to social and environmental policy, people with any income should be able to afford to use the HVV, because only in this way will the transport turnaround succeed".

Joseph Rüffert of the Technical University of Hamburg: "We demand a minimum subsidy of 50% from public funds. We cannot and do not want to bear the annual price increases any longer."

Participating student bodies:

  • Hamburg University
  • Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
  • Hamburg University of Technology
  • HafenCity University Hamburg
  • Hamburg University of Music and Theatre
  • Hamburg University of Fine Arts

Press contact: Inga Mannott (Public Relations Officer AStA Uni Hamburg)