As some of you may have already learned, the HVV fare structure will change slightly. But although the network will be extended by three rings (F, G, H), the approximately 80,000 students of Hamburg's universities who receive the SemesterTicket will not be able to benefit from this.

In addition, the stations Wolterdingen, Soltau Nord, Soltau, Leitstade, Hitzacker and Dannenberg Ost will no longer be accessible for us, since these stations will be moved from ring E to the new ring F. (New for us, however, are Hesedorf and Bremervörde...)
The HVV argues that these stations were not included when the contract was signed in 1998 (!) and that they had therefore "given" us these stations - so they would not be taking anything away from us.

A few weeks ago, we met with the HVV for a discussion, and together with the other ASten, we drafted some demands in advance, such as taking along an additional person on the weekend or an expansion of the area of validity. Our demands were briefly laughed at and we were then told that the prices would continue to be increased. If we want more service, we should simply pay even more.

In general, this conversation was not very desirable, but of course we are not giving up here! Just like you, we don't want the SemesterTicket to become more expensive every year because politicians want to put less money into local transport.

We'll stay on it.