There are still a few units to be filled. THE opportunity for everyone who wants to make a difference on campus.

Slowly, we are finally making progress with the appointment of the new AStA. So far we have a 1st chair, a finance officer and the departments of sustainability, culture and events and anti-Ra are filled. With that still open are:

Department for Equality

Two positions for department for University Policy

Two positions for department for Infrastructure

Department for International Affairs

Department for IT

Department for Public Relations

Department of Social Affairs and Health

So there is still a lot open, there should also be something interesting for YOU. Take the chance to contribute your ideas and implement them in a motivated team. You will get to know the university from a completely different side, look behind the scenes, so to speak. In the AStA, a lot is moved and a lot is implemented for the student body. Be a part of it!

You can get information about the individual departments or about the work in the AStA in general from our office. Just come by.