This week Sunday from 08:00 to 18:00 is the Bundestag election.
In order to make a good choice for the direct candidates (constituency 23), you can find answers to your questions here:

Not voting is definitely the wrong choice. Your vote counts!

In the Bundestag election, all eligible voters have two votes.
The first vote is used to elect the constituency delegate. The constituency delegates are the experts for their own constituency.
The second vote is used to elect a party, which results in the distribution of votes in the Bundestag. The Wahl-O-Mat of the Federal Agency for Civic Education offers a decision-making aid for the second vote.

Everyone with German citizenship who has reached the age of 18, has been resident in Germany for at least three months and has not been excluded from voting for special reasons may vote in the Bundestag election.
Even those who are not eligible to vote have the opportunity to become politically involved.

If you have not yet received your election notice by mail and think you are eligible to vote: Get in touch as soon as possible with a contact at the following website:

All important information on the election can be found on the website of the Federal Election Commissioner:

If your questions to candidates have not been answered, you may find them at or ask them yourself.