White walls apparently always tempt to be smeared with any stuff. This is usually not beautiful. We have thought, if already paint walls, then properly. Therefore, we hereby open our tender.

There are so many creative people at TU that we want to let them design the walls in the study rooms in A (1st floor, called Aquaria). So, submit your suggestions!

The rules:

  • upload your proposals as pdf (max. 2 walls per person) to our cloud (only accessible from eduroam / VPN), please do not forget name and email address
  • if you want, you can choose a room you want to beautify (because you take the room name as a theme, for example)
  • you are ready to implement your suggestions by yourselves
  • the design of the wall is up to you - whether painting or graffity, abstract or pictorial - everything is welcome
  • You will receive a budget up to 200 € from the AStA for material to realize your pictures. Don't forget to sign your work!

For further questions, please contact the secretary's office in the AStA (building E, room 0.068).