The Academic Senate

As you may know, our TU Hamburg is formed and controlled by numerous boards and committees. One of these central bodies is the Academic Senate or Akademischer Senat. This is where important decisions are made, such as changes to the ASPO, the appointment of new professors, or the election of the president.

In addition to the six professors and two academic staff members, the senate also consists of two students. These are directly elected by the student body once a year.

Student members

Currently, these great people represent us there:

  • Romina Mirzaelan
  • Anushan Thiripuvanam
  • Tim Grammerstorf
  • Emillie Haska

What are we doing there specifically?

The Senate usually meets once a month. In the run-up to the meeting, we meet (ideally) once beforehand, or more frequently if there are big things on the agenda. There we discuss how we want to vote on the individual agenda items. If we are not sure what would be in our student interest, we ask the student experts/representatives in the committees of the Academic Senate, such as the Committee for Strategy Development in Studies and Teaching or the Dean of Studies Committees.
Every few meetings there are also more explosive votes. Then, with the support of the AStA, we negotiate with other members of the senate to see if we can formulate a majority-friendly, student-friendly compromise.

Updated: May 11, 2022